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Welcome to the C.P.B.C.

Welcome to the official website of the Canadian Professional Boxing Council, the longest reigning sanctioning body for professional boxing in Canada and also now sanctioning abroad. This site is dedicated to the memory of the late Jerry Doiron Sr. (Senior Advisor) and the late Vince Bagnato (Past President). The C.P.B.C. would like to thank our sponsor Mapleton Pharmacy and Premium Awards & Recognition Ltd. for their support.


C.P.B.C. 2019

C.P.B.C. 2019

As a brand new year is just around the corner so as we say goodbye to 2018 with it we have a few thanks and appreciation to the following.

CCC Promotions for always being there for the C.P.B.C. and having our backs we thank you and we look forward to 2019 and working with CCC Promotions and their whole Team.
USG Canada much respect and appreciation to Howie Le and his people, we have done so much in 2018 together and 2019 is going to be a big year for C.P.B.C. and USG Canada, thanks Howie Le.


C.P.B.C. Honors Lenny Sparks

Lenny Sparks

The C.P.B.C. was in Halifax last night to honor the great Lenny Sparks with the C.P.B.C. Honorary Lifetime Champion Award. It was a great night of events for Lenny with a full house of supporters attending the event. Presentations were made by the Mayor of Halifax, presentation from the house of commons


Robert Downey New Member

the C.P.B.C. would like to take a moment and welcome Mr. Robert Downey as our new Ontario Representative. Robert brings to the table great work ethics and superior public skills and best of all comes from the great
Downey, Boxing Family from Halifax Nova Scotia. Being around boxing his entire life Robert will be a great addition to the Organization, so on behalf of the C.P.B.C. and all its members Robert Downey we welcome you on board Sir.


C.P.B.C. New Marketing Director

The C.P.B.C. would like to take a moment to welcome a new member to the team Mr. Jean-Martin Gauthier will serve as the Marketing Director.
Jean Martin brings a lot of good fresh ideas to the table and will surely be an asset to the C.P.B.C. Welcome on Board Jean Martin.


A Classy Fighter

Saturday night in North Dakota a fighter by the name of Classy Claire Hafner from Ottawa took on an undefeated fighter by the name of Sonja Fox who had a record of 7 and 0
but at the end of the fight the 0 had to go and Claire Hafner took care of that in fine style by not only defeating Sonja Fox
but in her home town. The C.P.B.C. sends congratulations to Classy Claire Hafner for the spectacular win.


Canada Day

Canada Day

The C.P.B.C. would like to wish every one in this great country a happy Canada day.

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